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Our Team

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Clíona A. Murray, Founder
B.Sc.(UCC) A.DIP.EL (Kings Inns)

Clíona Murray, founder of PluAlto, is a conflict specialist, who brings valuable experience, skills and insight to the creation of PluAlto’s innovative technology solutions.


As a workplace mediator, facilitator and investigator with RoundTable, Clíona understands the challenges and impacts associated with escalated issues, grievances, complaints of dignity at work, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, health & safety, digital safety, and welfare.


Clíona has 15+ years’ experience working in frontline and management roles and is a high-tech enthusiast with an interest in A.I. technology advancements. 


Anne Sophie Broehl
Psychology Specialist Advisor

PluAlto’s Psychology Specialist, Anne Sophie Broehl, is undertaking a PhD in Psychology in KU Leuven and joined the team of PluAlto providing Organisation Psychology Support to our content creation. Passionate about people management, conflict resolution and the psychological impacts and processes in the workplace, she brings to the team, valuable experience and insights to the software creation. 

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Ber Barry Murray

Conflict Specialist Advisor

Ber Barry Murray: BCL. M.Ed., BA HDEA, Adv. mediator (MII), Certified Investigator. Director, mediator, investigator, facilitator, and trainer of RoundTable Solutions ltd. As a consultant to PluAlto, Ber brings invaluable experience to business operations, conflict resolution, employee relations, system improvement processes, content creation, solution operations and client referral.

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Niamh Ciara Johnston
Marketing & Visual Designer

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Ciara O'Dwyer 

HR Specialist

PluAlto’s HR Specialist, Ciara O’Dwyer, is an Accomplished Senior Recruiter with a solution focused approach to delivering exemplary service. Passionate about human resource management and people, she brings to the team, a proven track record in guiding and supporting employees, clients and candidates through complex processes. Extremely detail orientated with experience in identifying ways in which organisations can improve processes and develop their people. 

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Louis Efron
HR Executive Advisor

Louis Efron, M.S., is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer, and award-winning Fortune 500 people executive. He is the founder of The Voice of Purpose, a human resources, leadership, and business development company, and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the electric vehicle charging company, Go-StationThe University of Arizona, Forbes School of Business and Technology, and on the Board of his charity, World Child Cancer USA.

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David V. Murray

Business & Financial Advisor

David has over thirty years’ experience in a multinational business environment, having worked with a U.S. Pharma / Agricultural Science Company with worldwide operations.  As Site Lead, David has established a Global Corporate Centre of Excellence in Cork, working with Worldwide Strategic Partners and Stakeholders.


Having built a team of almost 200 professionals from 25 countries around the world, David has extensive experience in Organisational Leadership, People Development, Performance Management, Business Ethics and core values, Organisational Culture, Management Controls, Project Management, Change Management and Corporate Governance.

Niamh Ciara Murray, Marketing & visual designer, provides advice on marketing, digital marketing and visual design. She brings 10+ years’ experience in management, operations and visual merchandising, graphic design in the retail industry, working with a range of indigenous and multinational enterprises. 

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