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Helping Startups build a successful culture

Think of your employees as the key to your success and SolveSmart is an efficient tool for putting it all together.

Managing time, money, resources, while mitigating risk with one system? Sounds too good to be true? It's not! Use this innovative and practical product for a more successful workforce management process that will lead to unimaginable results.

SolveSmart is a workforce management system that supports founders in managing all people management processes, saving time, money and resources while mitigating risk of escalation of issues. It makes use of a business intelligence support tool, to provide accurate guidance on people management processes.


The platform helps businesses get on top of their people management processes without worrying about the cost of hiring or outsourcing your HR function. Users do not need any skills related to HR administration which means everything will be done with one click—you just tell it what needs doing and it does the rest for you!


Benefits to Startups

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Niamh Ciara Johnston
Marketing & Visual Designer

Niamh Ciara Murray, Marketing & visual designer, is responsible for the development, implementation and improvement of marketing, digital marketing and visual design, of our technical solution. 

Niamh brings 10+ years’ experience in management, operations and visual merchandising, graphic design in the retail industry, working with a range of indigenous and multinational enterprises. 

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