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Welcome to PluAlto's news and updates

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Welcome to PluAlto's Blog Page. PluAlto is an employee relations technology provider helping organisations reshape workplace cultures and adapt workplace practices.

To introduce our company, PluAlto is responding to a $600B problem of workplace conflict, escalated employment and cultural issues, and workforce process management discrepancies. Our research shows that a key issue facing companies is the over-dependency on HR for workforce management support, which has overburdened the limited HR function of scaleup enterprises. Team leaders struggle to navigate workforce issues; they're confused by hundreds of pages of policies and processes; and HR themselves, are overburdened with continual repetitive support requests, unable to focus on strategic HR improvements.

With management spending 40% of their time on managing remote and hybrid teams, our software helps streamline and simplify the heavy burdens of support requests, improving compliance, processes, culture, and efficiencies, and mitigating the risks of escalated issues.

PluAlto's smart real time support tool, built with intelligent conversation based AI, provides team leaders with instant access to the right information and support specific to every situation, so that their interventions are correct and compliant to best practice. Parallel to this, we are providing HR and C-Suite management predictive trends and analytics, an early warning system and recommendations for process improvements and culture transformation globally.

Our solution offers a compelling return on investment, saving companies millions by mitigating process errors and compliance, workforce mismanagement, and escalated issues, to name just a few. Our system supports leaders, by improving competencies and optimises decision making and interventions of all team leads. And with our transformative tool we help scaling enterprises to developing a positive culture, that is guaranteed to Improve its reputation, employee satisfaction, experience, and retention, making it an attractive place to work.

Follow our blog for updates on our product releases, supports, and recommendations in building on your organisations culture.

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